SData Tool V2.0 64GB Full Version Free Download

SData Tool 64GB Free Download Full Version

SData Tool V2.0 64GB Full Version Free Download

Sdata Tool is the best tool that provides all functions required to double the space of storage devices. Thus it is a very safe and secure tool that provides working free from threats. And it provides enough space to store your large-size videos and movies. You can also save your massive size games and applications on your mobile phone very easily. Furthermore, the best thing is that your flash drive can increase its capacity by up to 2 TB. It supports up to USB 3.1 type-C as well as the developing stage which has 530 MB/s read and write speed. So you can get this tool from our site for free.

Nevertheless, we may understand that today, almost all individuals are dealing with data storage space problems due to large video documents or something else. So, users search on the web for methods to increase their current memory storage without wasting cash on purchasing large storage space memory cards.

SData Tool 64GB+ Activation Key Free Download

SData Tool can increase the storage of any device up to 2 times. The storage devices might consist of USB memory, a pen drive, and memory cards. And it has been the proper solution for boosting memory space. In this regard, there were numerous variations. It is a perfect tool that has been in the marketplace for decades. It has a well-defined user interface that allows the user to understand on the go. Extending the drives become in no way as easy as it’s now with it.

It will help you double the memory of your USB or SD Card right away. For example, when you have a USB of 64GB, using this tool, you can expand it to 128GB.

SData tool is essentially a basic application that usually increases the storage space capacity of storage space media like (4) or (32) GB. The procedure of increasing the area of our memory space storage press is straightforward. We only require you to select the E-compress button. And after a few moments compress and expand our memory space. So, If our fortune is good plenty of then, we can certainly increase our memory space, and it works.

SData Tool V2.0 64GB Full Version Free Download


  • It is simple and easy to follow; it only has to click to command, which indicates that the program is compressing the memory and storage for the storage device.
  • The user doesn’t need to spend money to get this tool.
  • It is a great tool that helps in compressing and enhancing the volume of storage.
  • It’s compatible with all available Operating Systems and all their versions.
  • It can get supportable for both 64 and 32-bit operating systems.
  • The user can increase the storage of many devices, such as pen drives, USBs, SD cards, memory cards, and other media storage devices.
  • It has a user-friendly interface that allows the user to understand it easily, even if the user is a beginner.
  • It barely takes up a small space in RAM.
  • And it is easy to download and can be installed online.
  • It’s built with a Bitfinder antivirus, so the user doesn’t need to worry about the virus attacking the PC or Windows.
  • It is safe and secure.


  • It increases the space speedily and efficiently. E- Compress button orders the SData Tool to compress and enhance the storage.
  • It is compatible with almost all of the Windows Operating Systems.
  • It can be used for any external storage device.
  • It is one and the only tool which gives the user additional space without having to spend money.


  • Sometimes the SData Tool itself will deny running on some Systems.
  • Using the SData Tool might cause internet connection problems and get disconnected some times.
  • In some cases, the SData Tool doesn’t get connected because of the antivirus installed in the user’s system.


As technology is progressing day by day, and everyone needs extra space for storing their data. For this purpose, the SData tool is known to be one of the best Software. For years, users can boost the space of their devices with this Software. It is such an opportunity for the user to enhance and increase the capacity of the storage. It helps where the user needs if the user’s storage is running out or the ability of this tool.

How to install and activate it?

  • Download the Sdata tool from the given link.
  • It will take some time to download the file.
  • Install it after downloading it.
  • Copy the crack.exe file and paste it into the installation directory.
  • Reboot your entire system.
  • The activation will occur on your device.
  • Enjoy.

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